Buffalo in Benin
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Buffalo in Benin

Benin is a slender West African country with a large savannah area in the North. We had the privilege to film this father and son safari with Atacora Safaris.

We flew in to the city of Cotonou and spent the night at a Hotel du Lac. We were scheduled to charter to the hunting area the next morning, but with low visibility caused by the Harmattan (dust from the Sahara desert that hangs in the air for a few days) we had to drive.

It is a long drive from Cotonou to the hunting area, but you cover the entire Benin and the roads are better than in Cameroon. It took us 11 hours to get to camp, but it was all worth it.

Atacora Safaris has a beautiful 5 star camp in the Konkombri area. All rooms have air conditioning and modern ensuite bathroom. They have a great fireplace and outdoor dining area. They have single cab Toyota Land Cruisers as hunting vehicles.

Hunting these Savannah Buffaloes are typically done on foot. You drive around the 30 000 ha concession looking for tracks, and if you find some fresh sign of a herd or a couple of lone bulls, you make a move.

We walked between 6km and 10km on average per day and managed to shoot 2 great bulls. The first was a very old bull. We spotted him walking slowly through the bush after looking at some male Kobs. We made a great first shot on the shoulder, but he did not go down. We walked up with caution and the bull was waiting behind a bush… Everyone scattered and he only went down after a close shot in the head by our very experienced PH Christophe Morio on the charge. They are unbelievably tough animals.

Our second bull was an absolute monster feeding with 2 other bulls late one afternoon. We snuck up behind them and Christophe called them with his signature buffalo call. When the big bull stood broadside for a second, the client made a perfect shoulder shot. He showed some quick reloading skills and made a quick follow up shot on the run and hit him in the face. We found the big boy stone dead under a bush about 200m away. He ended up being number 23 of all Savannah Buffalo shot in the SCI record book.

There are also plains game species to hunt including the Western Roan Antelope, Nagor Reedbuck, Western Kob, Harnessed Bushbuck, Hippo and Oribi.

If you are interested in a buffalo hunt in Benin contact us, or Atacora Safaris direct. Their website is www.atacorasafaris.com.