2018 Gemsbok in Namibia
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2018 Gemsbok in Namibia



Namibia is a wonderful hunting destination with wide open spaces and lots of variety. One of the most iconic species of Namibia is the Gemsbok. A majestic creature with long straight horns and beautiful facial markings. They have adapted perfectly for life in dryer parts of Southern Africa. The main objective was to get a old Gemsbok bull. Jan Oelofse Safaris hosted Johan van der Watt, Co-Founder of Filmshoot Safaris, along with his wife Christelle, brother-in-law Frederick Melville and friend Francois Naude for a short safari in the quest to hunt Gemsbok, Springbok, Wildebeest, Warthog and Impala. The group was led by Steve Tors. He is truly wonderful professional hunter, has a wealth of information and works so hard to get you what you want. Thanks to Steve and all the staff at Jan Oelofse Safaris for making this a special safari.

Jan Oelofse was a legend in the hunting industry and left his legacy to wife Annette and son Alex, after passing on 15th of October 2012.  Jan Oelofse started his hunting career in the early fifties in East Africa. One of his most remembered hunting companions, during the filming of “Hatari” was John Wayne.  Jan was chosen as the Most Outstanding Professional Hunter in 1982 by the Safari Club International.

Jan Oelofse Safaris has a school on their property called Mt. Etjo School. Read more about the Amy Bell Charities partnership and the school here. Tim Fallon from the FTW Ranch in Texas has a cuss jar in his lodge. Every time a guest uses a cuss word, they have to put a dollar in the jar. This year the cuss jar totalled  $2200 and was donated to the Mt. Etjo School.  Johan van der Watt handed over the funds to Annette on behalf of FTW Ranch.